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Veg or non-veg which is better for your body’s health

Veg or non-veg which is better for you

Veg or non-veg which is better for you

Veg or non-veg which is better for you


General understanding

There is always a heated debate going on when it comes to which one is better between veg and nonveg in terms of nutrition and considering other factors as well. Nowadays there has been a newly popped up concept of veganism which is gaining a lot of popularity and is often compared and said to be even better than a vegetarian way of eating food.

But is it really that anything is better or worse or everything has its pros and cons and it depends on person to person and is quite subjective. But often times it gets into a comparison between these on the basis of health factors, nutrition value, and also where long term health is concerned.

Earlier times scenario

In the earlier times, India was considered to be a vegetarian state. The majority of people were vegetarian at that time. But due to some reasons, the scenario of vegetarianism is completely different now in India.

Majority of Indians are now coming under the category of non vegetarian eaters. This shift may also have occurred due to western influence or may be because of some other reasons.

According to modern science

Modern Science suggest that non vegetarian diet which is any kind of animal meat like pork, chicken, mutton, fish or even animal products like eggs are very essential for us in our day to day life. This is because all the animal products contain high amount of protein which is required for our body.

Animal protein is considered superior than plant based protein. As it is observed that animal protein contains all the essential amino acids. Which are required for the successful completion of the process of protein synthesis. You need a specific amount of protein per day which is less than 1 gram which is multiplied by your body weight.

And if you do strength training then obviously your protein requirement gets increased a lot as compared to an average person’s normal daily protein requirements. Other than protein meat is also rich in various vitamins and minerals that it provides to your body.

But modern science has also published researches on why meat is not healthy and about its ill effects on your body. It is also been found in one of the research that meat when it is processed caused cancer in people. Also, many other studies have been done which shows that meat is not good for your overall health and longevity.

It is also known that eating meat releases greenhouse gases. In which the carbon content of the atmosphere is also getting increased. All of these greenhouse gases causes most of the unnatural climatic change which is happening around.

Why do people turn vegan

Many people take veganism also because of the living conditions these animals are being put to. So the modern science is mainly dicey about whether meat is actually healthy or unhealthy. But the general conclusion is that white meat is healthier in comparison with the red meat.

According to Ancient indian sciences

In Indian ancient science like Ayurveda and other older texts clearly suggest that meeting is not good for health. But also it depends on person to person whatever decisions he wants to take for himself. Eating meat which is dead is considered to have no living energy present where is plants which are living are considered to have more sun energy or life energy in it.  also when meat is eaten it is slaughtered  before it is converted into an eatable.

While slaughtering these animals have negative emotions which according to ancient Indian Sciences affects Your mental health when you eat these foods.  Also, our body type is more likely to eat plant based foods as we are more towards herbivorous body type.

For instance, our teeth are more for plant-based eating and not like carnivorous animals. Who have sharp teeth for eating meat. Meat gets rotten very quickly as compared to the plant based foods. That is why the carnivorous animals like Tiger have a short intestine to digest that meat quickly. And move it further inside its body much faster.

But in our case meat stays in our body for very long time. And it leaves it negative effects inside our body. So, overall meat eating is not that good. When it comes to long term health but still it is quite subjective and everyone can have their own choice.

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