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Things that you should do during Fat loss process

Things that you should do during Fat loss

Things that you should do during Fat loss

Things that you should do during Fat loss

People have the perception that fat loss Is similar to weight loss. But that is definitely not the case. They both are different from each other. Fat loss is just reducing the fats stored in the body. Whereas weight loss is reducing fats, water content, and also muscle mass from the body. So here we are only talking about fat loss. This could be done by anyone who is facing the problem of obesity or excess fats accumulated onto their body and want to reduce that now.

When it comes to fat loss people collect a lot of information that is available and they think that they can do it but when it comes to actually applying it they fail and they give up easily. There is a lot of things which you should do during your fat loss journey.


Being on a caloric deficit


If you are looking for efficiently losing your weight then the first thing on which you should prioritise on is being on a caloric deficit diet. If you are eating more than what’s your body requires on a daily basis in terms of calories then you are being on a caloric surplus. But when you are trying to lose weight you should focus on being on a caloric deficit which means that you should eat some less amount of calories below your maintenance calories for the day. This is the most important step in losing fat. If you are not properly following this step then no matter how hard you might be exercising or how healthy you might be eating you will not lose any fat.

Maintaining a balance in macros consumption


When you are looking to gain weight you are taking more carbs than other macros like protein and fats. But when you are trying to lose weight it will be a different scenario. For this matter you need to to prioritise protein intake first and then other macros like carbs and fats. The ideal ratio of protein to carbs would be 2:1. 


Lower your intake of sugars and sodium


If you’re taking too much of sugar in sodium then it will be hard for you to to cut it down completely. But you can of course reduce it down to at least half of what you take on daily basis. When you will be much habitual of it then you can reduce it down even more. Sugars and salts are not your friend if you are on a fat loss journey. If you are taking Sugars in every thing you eat in a day then you should just replace that buy something else which does not have sugar in it. Similarly you should do for salt intake as well.


Adding Salads in your diet


Having salads can be a very beneficial thing for you when it comes to fat loss or weight loss.  salads are high in fibres which will make your stomach full. This way you will not crave for much food and eventually you will end up eating less calories in a day. You should add salads at least two times a day during fat loss. Not only that salads are also filled with micronutrients which are very essential for your body. If you will eat salad with any other meal then you will not be able to eat it much because your stomach will not have that much of space for it. But when you eat salads between meals or any other time you can eat a lot of them. Ideally you should eat salads half an hour to 20 minutes before your meal. 


Do cardio exercises


Cardio is very essential for losing fat. It helps in burning a lot of calories in a short period of time. Cardio is also good for maintaining heart health. It trains your muscles of heart. You should do it 3 to 5 times in a week. If you are already doing it 3 times then you should increase it to 5 times in a week. A 15 to 20 minutes of cardio everyday is beneficial for you to maintaining a healthy body weight. Best time to do cardio is empty stomach in the morning or at the evening time.

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