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The therapeutic uses of Neem leaves : Our super herb


Azadirachta Indica also called as Neem is a tree native to the Indian subcontinent. It grows in the tropics
and every fragment of it is highly beneficial. The bark, the leaves ,flowers, branches, seeds, its fruits
and roots, all have medicinal properties. Neem leaves has attracted worldwide attention over the years
and it has been extensively used in our Ayurveda, unani and homeopathic medicine. With recent
advances modern medicine has introduced it into allopathy. But with the birth of plastics and its invasion into the beauty industry, we somehow have forgotten our roots.

Therefore time has come for us to re -introduce this super herb into your daily skincare and health routine.

Benefits :

Neem leaves contains chemicals that kill bacteria and further reduces inflammation. Firstly, it has healing properties and apart from cosmetic use, it also reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Secondly Neem heals ulcers, prevents plaque formation in your teeth, stimulates your immune system and encourages rapid healing. It works wonder on your superficial skin infections and burns. They prevent free radical damage and purifies blood by discarding bodily toxins.

This super herb has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It aids in your oral hygiene and has proven anti ageing effects. Most importantly, they have contents with vitamin E and vitamin C, that limits sun and skin damage & also improves skin texture.

Here are 10 Exceptional ways to use Neem Leaves :

1. WOUND HEALER : Prepare a paste of neem leaves and add turmeric to it. Apply over your wounds or insect bite, thrice daily till the swelling subsides. The anti inflammatory component present in it will help you to heal faster.

2. IMMUNITY BOOSTER : Neem has infection fighting ability. Hence, boil a few leaves with water and drink it as your morning drink everyday empty stomach to increase your immunity. You can also fry them in ghee and have it with rice during your lunch.

3. BYE BYE DANDRUFF : Winter comes with the annoying dandruff, for that boil a bunch of neem leaves till the water turns green in color. Let it cool and then rinse your hair with this water after shampooing. The blood purifying and anti microbial feature of it helps remove your flaky dandruff.

4. GET RID OF THOSE STUBBORN ZITS : Crush a few leaves to make a paste and apply over your active acne to dry it out. Adding turmeric and honey will further reduce dark spots and acne marks.

5. KILL THOSE WORMS : Bitter neem leaves when added in your meals , will help to get rid of the gut parasites and worms. You can try making these items that are common in different regions of our country. This includes a soup like  dish called “Vepampoo Rasam” prepared with neem flowers, common in Tamil Nadu. And a Bengali dish popularly known as ” Neem Begun Bhaja”  made with neem leaves and egg plant are some of the examples for you to try.

6. ITCHY SKIN : Boil one or two of neem leaves with nodes in your bathing water. Let it cool down and then use it all over your body except for your face. This helps reducing the itch and soothes the skin over time.

7. HEAD LICE : Keep those irritating blood sucking lice on bay. Rinse your hair with boiled warm neem leaf water twice daily until the lice are gone. The chemicals of neem suffocates these bugs and further kills them

8. EVEN SKIN TONE : By now you know that how practical and useful this tree is. Another utility of neem leaves is that, it improves skin texture and evens out skin tone. Grind a small portion of neem leaves, add one teaspoon of besan and a bit of yoghurt (dahi) to form a smooth paste. This is the perfect homemade inexpensive face mask for clearing acne spots and hyperpigmentation, giving you that radiant glow.

9. EARS AND EYES : Pound some neem leaves and add honey to it. Apply this mix over any ear boil for rapid recovery. The chemicals found in it will easily help to dry out the boil.

Heat 1 cup of water with neem, allow it to cool completely and then use it to wash your eyes. This helps reducing any irritation and redness.

10. OTHER BENEFITS : Studies have shown that, neem helps in reducing effects of severe ailments like leprosy, blood pressure, fever, chicken pox, diabetes, stomach ulcers and cardiovascular diseases. It also acts as an insecticide and insect repellant.

Neem essential oil extracted from its seeds are used in aromatherapy. It is a great ingredient in cosmetic and other beauty products like facewash, soap, shampoo etc., With the advancement of technology and research, it is found that neem has anti cancer features also.

Neem a traditional, potent and medicinal plant that is so readily available near us should be included in your daily routine. Therefore lets appreciate this powerful and potent wholesome herb & add it into your lives.


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