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Skin Care routine which is best for you and your skin

Skin Care routine which is best for you

Skin Care routine which is best for you

Skin Care routine which is best for you

Skin is evidently the largest organ of the human body. People often ignore this fact and become less conscious about taking care of their skin. You should never take it for granted as your skin also requires caring to maintain its health. When people start to ignore it all sorts of problems occur. Problems like acne and pimples, dark spots, blackheads, and all of these sorts of problems. 


Worst skincare habits


People often try to touch their skin and try to touch their pimples.  this is a bad habit as this takes out the mucus from the pimples as well as it pushes the bacteria deep inside the skin. When you touch different things in your day be it an AC remote or your smartphone and after that when you touch your skin all the harmful bacteria and microbes get onto your skin and then get pushed inside your skin.


Many people try to wash their face too often during the day.  if you also do so then you need to stop doing that and then meet your face washing to twice a day once early in the morning and then at night before sleep. When you wash it too often your face gets dry. This stimulates your body to produce more oil on your face. Instead of reducing the oil from your face washing your face too often makes it worse. But washing your face before sleeping is important as it cleans any kind of products or makeup that you have applied all day. Also, it removes all kinds of oils and dirt which have been accumulated onto your body during the day. 


When you apply different kind of products to your skin, your skin gets damaged. This is because these product contains harmful chemicals which are not good for skin health and may even cause diseases like cancer. Instead, you can use natural products on your skin like sandalwood powder, turmeric, etc. Also, using too many products on your skin will do more bad than good.


Stress also becomes a factor in damaging your skin health. Stress has become a usual thing and a part of this busy life. When you are taking a lot of stress then your body produces stress hormones whin imbalances other hormones. This makes your body producing more oils which in turn cause more pimples and acne.  Exercising regularly,  meditating, walking in fresh air, and being with the nature are some effective ways of reducing stress. 


According to  Ayurveda if you drink milk with salt or anything which contains salt it causes a reaction in your body which makes your skin cause pimples and acne. 


Best skincare habits


You should avoid eating spicy foods as these foods aggravate pitta in your body according to Ayurveda. This pitta or heat causes blood to get impure and in turn, causes skin problems like acne and pimples. You should avoid eating too spicy or hot foods. This also increases the acids in your stomach. This increased acid, later on, causes skin problems. You should stop eating these kinds of foods for some time till this thing gets balanced in your body. And also, after that you may eat these foods but in limited quantity.


Try to add a lot of fibers in your diet. Eating fiber rich foods. Dietary fiber removes out all the accumulated toxins of your body. This helps in improving the glow of your skin. These are present in Oats, millets, brown rice, beans, dals, vegetable salads, etc. If you are having a sensitive skin then you should avoid foods and veggies which are greasy and sticky in nature. Whenever you will be eating dry fruits you should soak them overnight in water. After that when you will be eating them peel them off. This will help you not get excess heat from dry fruits which may cause pimples. Avoid eating too much of sugars and salt intake in your daily diet as it stops your system to remove harmful toxins from your body. Try to eat homemade foods as much as possible. And avoid eating packaged foods as they contain preservatives and processed sugars in high quantity which will damage your skin very badly.

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