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Nutrition and Oral Health-The Ideal Diet for Stronger Teeth

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Food is an integral of our lives. We are what we eat. You have always known that nutrition and diet helps in proper body functioning, growth and development. But have you ever noticed how important your diet is for your oral health?

In the pandemic, with the growing hesitation for you to visit your dentist for regular check ups. The food choices that you make are important more than ever. You should be very conscious about your nutrition. Moreover, its not just what you eat but how and when you eat it. So without any further delay lets get to know the food that are good for you and which things to avoid.

Nutritious and Wholesome food for your Oral Cavity :

  • Omega 3 fatty fish including Tilapia, Hilsa, Sardine, Cod, Mackerel, etc., prevents and reduces symptoms of gum diseases. You must also include Green leafy vegetables in your diet to promote healthy microbiome.
  • Vitamin C is your best friend. Firstly, it not only protects and nurtures good oral health, but also helps boost your body immunity. Secondly, it strengthens blood vessels and slows gum diseases. And also aids in healing. Fruits including lemon, lime, oranges, grapefruits, guava etc., are rich in vitamin C.
  • Nuts and Lentils : They contain phytic acid in it. This makes it more difficult for the absorption of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and vitamin D into your body. Luckily, the phrase soaked almonds as told by our mothers¬† doesn’t just ring the nostalgia bell. But also actually has health benefits.

Dry fruits and lentils including beans, Chana, Cholas, rajma, peas etc., have low ph. That act as the culprit behind cavities. Therefore, almonds or any nut are soaked at first for about 6hours. This will reduce the phytic acid content and when soaked overnight decreases caries risk.

  • Anti oxidants rich food like green tea, berries, dark chocolate, kale, broccoli are very crucial for your teeth. They produce saliva that prevents food sticking to the teeth.
  • Food with Fluoride is very useful. You can acquire it from toothpaste or drinking water also.
  • Dairy Products¬†for instance, cheese, milk, yoghurt or Dahi are good food for your gums and gut.
  • Meat and Chicken are thought to protect your tooth enamel. They have calcium and phosphorous in them that are required for remineralization process.

What Choices to make now?

There exists a bivalent relationship between diet and oral health. Balanced Diet is corelated with your gums, quality and quantity of saliva and breath odor. Follow these to get a better understanding.

  1. Start with the basic, drink enough water throughout the day.
  2. Ditch the potato chips. Bring unsalted popcorn and makhana in your life.
  3. Similarly rinse your mouth with water after every snack or meal.
  4. Fill your pantry with food with high nutritional value and doesn’t have added sugar in them.
  5. Use mouthwash, floss and brush twice daily.
  6. Take care of your gums too. Massage them with your fingers regularly. And use fluoridated toothpaste.
  7. Limit the number of times you eat snacks. Don’t binge or eat when bored.
  8. Additionally use honey or artificial sweeteners in your tea.
  9. Pay regular visit to your dentist. Consult for a diet plan and after that use medium bristled toothbrush.
  10. Above all, avoid candy, chocolate or soft drinks.

Diet soda is a myth. Any and every carbonated drink has tons of added sugar in them. Introduce yourself to sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners that have zero calorie in them. For example sorbitol, xylitol, saccharin etc., Use sugar free chewing gums, they are actually beneficial to your overall oral health. In other words sugar free chewing gums help increase salivary flow, maintain ph. balance. And even dislodge food stuck in between your teeth.

The Conclusion :

Our society now believes in healing from inside. Which is absolutely true and that starts with your diet and nutrition. Look out for food and drinks with loaded sugar in them. Avoid ice cream and sweets too. All this might sound incredibly difficult to do, but you will start seeing the results in 45days. Make wise lifestyle choices that will help you in the long run. And go for periodic health and dental check ups. Your dentist can help you prevent your oral problems. And also give you an insight on healthier nutritional diet.


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