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How to eat eggs? Which is better raw egg or cooked egg

Which is better raw egg or cooked egg

Which is better raw egg or cooked egg

Which is better raw egg or cooked egg

There is a perception that eating a raw egg is better. As it provides much more nutrients than cooked egg provides. Many people just break the shell of the egg and eat the egg directly from there. Or many also put the raw egg into a glass full of milk and drink that milk after mixing the egg into it.

But is it really a thing that raw egg is better than the cooked egg. As there are a lot of myths that goes around on this particular topic. Whereas cooked egg whether it is fully cooked or sunny side up cooked believed to not provide as many benefits as a raw egg can provide. 


If we talk about the protein content which is present in an egg is found to be the same for both the raw as well as cooked egg. Also, the fat which is present in the yellow part of an egg also stays the same for both. That tells us that whether cooked or raw the macros which are protein, fats and carbs stays the same for an egg. And the nutritional value for macros does not get affected.


Up till this point everything seems to be similar for both of them. So, the question arises that what is the point of discussion. Or why people should prefer eating in one kind over another. If we talk about the digestion rate which is half if you eat a raw egg. In case of a cooked egg the digestion gets upto 90% which is almost completely digestible.

If you will be eating raw eggs you will feel that your stomach is heavy and the egg is not getting digested very quickly. Whereas cooked egg feels light on the stomach and gets digested properly. There will be no point of eating egg if you are not getting the nutritional benefits that it provides.

Without proper digestion of egg you will only get half of what you can get if you go for cooked eggs. It is not that the raw eggs do not get digested. But the process is not that fast as compared to the cooked egg. If you are eating cooked egg it will get digested very fast and you will be able to eat more or another thing. As it will make your stomach empty faster.  Also, the taste of a raw egg is terribly awful and cooked egg tastes way better with all of those salt and seasoning putted onto it.


On top of all these raw eggs contain a bacteria and which makes them unsafe for consumption. These bacteria can make interference in the absorption of biotin in your body. Which is a very essential B vitamin required by your body to maintain the good health of your hair.

If you keep eating raw eggs you might see or have to face problems such as thinning of hair and hair fall. On the other hand, cooked egg is definately a safer option. As after the process of cooking the bacteria will be killed and there will be no more risk left.


If we talk about biotin it is a water-soluble vitamin and is also called B7 vitamin. Biotin other than for healthy hairs it is required by the body to produce glucose and fatty acids in your body. Raw egg whites have a specific protein. This protein gets bound by the biotin in your intestine not letting the biotin get absorbed properly in your body. Heating or cooking resolves this problem. As bacteria gets killed when it is put on a temperature above a particular point.




Both the raw as well as cooked eggs have same amount of macros. Like protein, fats and carbs present in it. So, there is no specific benefit that eating a raw egg is providing to you. On top of that the digestion rate is an important factor to get all of these nutrients right inside of your body. When it comes to taste raw egg still fails to win. And not to forget that it contains bacteria which makes is not so safe option. So, overall cooked egg is better than raw egg. But also it is quite subjective and everyone have their own preferences.

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