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Healthy breakfast options for you to eat in the morning

Healthy breakfast options for you to eat

Healthy breakfast options for you to eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  When you sleep at night you eat before that.  But you sleep for long hours and during that time your body does not get any kind of food. In general scenario, if you do this in a day time you will be starving from hunger.

But at night time when you are sleeping, you don’t realize that consciously but your body does. This is why you need to eat early in the morning to get back your energy.

This is what makes the breakfast most important meal of the day. You should never try to skip it. Your breakfast should be full of nutrition and a complete diet. If you skip it you feel tired throughout your entire day. 


There might be a lot of options that come to your mind. These might be instant foods that are available on the market. These foods contain a lot of preservatives and do not provide many healthy options. Foods which are high in sugars especially processed sugar are not good for your health.

Foods that are high in salt and contain more saturated fats are also considered as an unhealthy option as our body does not primarily need that. These foods generally are low in nutrition and should not be considered for breakfast.


Vegetable stuffed paratha is a better option to eat as opposed to eating aloo paratha. Dosa is another good option for breakfast but it should not be eaten every day. As it is having simple carbs and is also made up of oil which could put on excess fat in your body.

Similarly, poha and rice are also having simple carbs which are easily digestible and light to stomach. This will make you feel hungry faster as it will not be able to keep your stomach full for a longer period of time as opposed to foods that contain fibers or complex carbs foods.

These meals are extremely delicious in taste but your body does not require just a lot of carbs but it also requires other macros like protein which is very essential in maintaining your energy throughout the day. 


Idli is also another option. It comes from the south India. And is made up of rice and is oil free. It also contains dals which are good source of protein that your body needs in the morning.

Also, its sambhar contains a lot of vegetables which are good in providing your with fibers and also micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Eggs are also high in protein and good to take as a breakfast option. This could be eaten in many forms but its yellow part contains a lot of saturated fats which is required in limited quantities only.

So you should avoid taking a lot of whole eggs. If you are wanting to increase the amount of eggs that you want to consume during the day then you must eat only the egg whites and not go for the whole eggs. You can also drink smoothies made up of fresh fruits and veggies. This is quite refreshing and a good breakfast option.

All of this these foods along with upma are good for you to consider as a breakfast option. But if you want to push your health to the next level. And you have some serious health goals then you must think before considering these options. For that, you may try different foods which are low in carbs and excess fats and plan your meals accordingly. Foods that are rich in protein having complex carbs, and fibers are good for this purpose.


Eat paneer aa it is high in protein and does not give you that excess fat. There are other options like millets which are easily available in India and is very healthy food. If you take eggs you should take egg whites only. You can also try brown bread.

Oats are also good breakfast option and is filled with fibers that will make your stomach full. It also contains a good amount of protein in it and other nutrients as well. This makes it a complete meal. All of these are the healthiest options that you may try for your breakfast.


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