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Health Insurance : The Dire need of the hour for You

Health Insurance

The recent COVID 19 pandemic has taught us all to adapt with the testing times. In 2020, the whole world was forced to change their ongoing lifestyle. To practice something new called the social distancing and staying at home. Meanwhile, Health Insurance provides people with the much required financial support in the times of need. The current scenario has made you realize and taught us the importance of health. Its time for you to make some changes and invest in a good health scheme.

What is Health Insurance ?

It is a policy in which the company agrees to cover your medical expenses that arise due to an illness. Depending on the insurance plan, the company will guarantee reimbursement on your surgical and medical fees. With the advancement in medical technology, the health expenses has increased and become very high – priced. Moreover this will help you to provide financial confidence and take care of your loved ones.

Why would You need a health insurance ?

Pandemic has affected the economy of the world including India. Many have lost their jobs and financial stability. However, loss of their source of income and financial set back can be very hard on us at this tough hour. So, health insurance comes to your rescue.

1.  To fight Lifestyle Illnesses :

With the change in our life choices, new diseases has introduced themselves. This includes diabetes, obesity, respiratory problems, cardio vascular issues etc., They mostly affect the 40-45 years age group. Some of the contributing factors are stress, lifestyle, pollution, unhealthy eating habits and addiction issues, lack of exercise. However, opting for a health insurance will take you ahead of this. You may ask how? Firstly with insurance you will be confident enough to get yourself regularly checked. Secondly, this will help you catch your illness early and leaving you less things to worry about.

2. Keep Your Family Safe :

The health insurance will act as a safe guard and protect both you and your family. Similarly if any genetic disease run in your family you can pay for the extra expenses whenever needed. Don’t worry if you cant afford a premium pack right away. You can always start small and work your way up. This will be safeguarding your parents & siblings and provide financial security.

3. To Deal with Medical Expansion :

The cost of treatment is rising day by day. For instance, medical care is expensive in private. As bad as it may sound, hospitalization can create a hole in your pocket. Further can affect your savings and other plans. Subsequently the medical bills are not just limited to the hospital beds. It also includes ambulance charges, doctor consultation, tests, emergency operation theatre visit costs etc.,

On the other hand, by paying a small amount every month from your salary you can reduce this burden. And opt for the best quality treatment care that you and your family deserves.

4. Tax Reductions :

Additionally with all the above advantages, you can avail tax benefits from health insurance policies. Which will further increase your savings in the long run. Select a policy early in your life for example in your 20s, when you are young and healthier. The advances will continue even when you grow older. You can claim from 25,000 to 30,000 INR from your policies for yourself and your family.

Changes In Health Insurance after the Pandemic :

There are more affordable and variety of plans now than ever. Some of them are :

  • Corona Virus Health Insurance Plans like Corona Kavaach, Corona Rakshak
  • Availability of Telemedicine coverage – The online doctor consultations and lab tests will be covered in this.
  • The health insurance provided by your employer is always not enough. That might cover just the bare minimum. Buy early and get the best prices.
  • Loyalty Points – Early buyers will enjoy the maximum benefits and comprehensive deals. With time you will also earn loyalty points that acts as a bonus.

Which health insurance will be best for you is one of the most important decision for you to make. You can always take help of a financial advisor. This will make your doubts go away. And provide your with a wider prospective.

On the contrary of the local belief, insurance is no longer a luxury. But a necessity. Nobody deserves those sleepless nights worrying about your family’s well being. It is high time for you to get that peace of mind and switch to insurance with cashless hospitalizations.

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