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All about COVID-19 Vaccines : Did you get Vaxxed yet?

Vaccination is a simple and safe way of protecting your body from lethal diseases. This works even before you come in contact with any virus or bacteria. Vaccines uses your body’s self defense system to fight against the micro organisms. The COVID-19 Pandemic started last year around January 2020. Corona Virus is the causative agent. Because of our lack of understanding about the virus it got spread all over the World within a few days. It is a highly infectious disease. And extents very quickly and easily. Although most of the population did not have serious health complication after contracting the virus. Yet few of the patients were facing critical and fatal issues. Thousands of people with existing co morbidities sadly succumbed to the virus. Nonetheless with each strain being resistant than the previous one the virus is becoming deadlier.

Vaccines make your immune system stronger. And with time builds resistance. It trains your immune system to identify certain microbes can be a virus or a bacteria. Then the vaccines help create antibodies against the said microbe when they enters your system.

Visualization of the coronavirus causing COVID-19

How does Vaccines work?

Vaccination is done via injection or can be given orally or at times through nasal sprays. Killed or weakened forms of the microbes are present in the vaccine. These doesn’t cause the disease by itself. Rather protects your body from further complications. As learned earlier the vaccine recognizes the microbe and produce antibodies against it. Antibodies are proteins present in your body that provides protection and detects foreign particles. Vaccines also help remember the microbe and how to fight it. So that if it happens again, the antibodies can quickly destroy the virus and provide protection. Typically these vaccines can remember for decades or even lifetime. But sometimes a booster dose is necessary for example in case of tetanus injections, to prevent further infection.

Is Vaccination a safe procedure ?  

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Many people are creating fear around the COVID-19 Vaccines. Yet they are fine taking other vaccine like measles, mumps or even hepatitis. Moreover the government approves a vaccine, after it is vigorously put to test. And requires hours of research on them.

After vaccination there can be minor temporary short term effects like headache, body pain or nausea. Nonetheless these side effects subsides after 2 to 3 days. In very few cases there have been reports of some serious complications. All the taboo and stigma around the COVID Vaccine have no proved consequences. Always remember that you are far more likely to get sick without vaccination than being Vaxxed.

Which Vaccines to chose from for COVID 19 in India?

Majorly there are two vaccine that are predominantly given to the Indian population. They are Covaxin and Covishield. With the introduction of Sputnik in the market you got three choices. The decision is not hard to make. Take the first available vaccine near you. In other words it can be any of the above brands. But make sure you take the second dose of the same vaccine brand.

How efficient are the Vaccines ?

Covishield has an efficacy of 81%  and Sputnik and Covaxin has almost the same with 75-78%. The vaccines found in USA like the Pfizer and Moderna are yet to introduce in the Indian market. They have the highest efficiency with 97%.

However, these efficacy can only occur after you take both the doses. The vaccines in India are safe for all age group including adults, old age or teenagers. Meanwhile even the pregnant and lactating mothers can get their doses now. The recommended dose is 0.5ml each. For Covishield the second dose is after an interval of 12-18 weeks. The same is 28days for Covaxin. Additionally longer the time interval between the two doses are, higher is the efficacy.

The Stats :

Till date 66.35 crore people in India have taken their vaccine doses. This has helped immensely for tackling the third wave and the upcoming instances. Uttar Pradesh leading the counts followed by Maharashtra, Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh.

Therefore you can clearly see for yourself that getting the jab is necessary to get back into normal.

To sum it up, get your vaccination today if you haven’t already. Not just for your own safety but for the safety of your family members and loved ones. Vaccines will protect you from the harmful effects of the virus. But that doesn’t mean you are free from COVID. A vaccine is just an added layer of security. You have to continue wearing double masks, hand sanitizing and maintaining social distancing.

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