6 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stained Teeth

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Who doesn’t want a bigger bright smile? Most of us! 

However, not everyone got to enjoy this perk. A bigger brighter smile cna get affected by many things. One such thing is the appearance of our teeth. Whitened clean teeth is what makes our smile pretty. In this case, teeth stains can be quite troubling and can affect the way we smile. Many things can stain our teeth. From the beverages we consume to the medications and our bad habits, all of this can stain our teeth. 

Teeth Staining – What Causes It?

Teeth stains can vary in appearance and the darker it is, the harder it will be to remove it. To whiten your teeth, there must be many possible solutions you come across. From home remedies to dental treatments, there are many things you can go for to get rid of stained teeth. I remember one of my friends tried using baking soda for cleaning teeth staining and ended up with gum damage, as told by a renowned best dentist in Islamabad who she consulted. 

How to Get Rid of Teeth Staining?

However, many tips can help you to get rid of tooth stains. Some of the tips that can bring your stain less teeth back include;

1- Don’t ditch straw

One of the tips that can help you to prevent stained teeth is the use of straw while consuming certain beverages. When you directly consume coffee and other colored beverages it might leave stains on your teeth. So, it is recommended to use straw to consume these beverages if you don’t want your teeth to be stained. This can surely prevent staining of your teeth.

2- Stay hydrated

Next in the list of tips that can help you to prevent tooth staining comes the role of hydration. Consume enough water to prevent the staining of teeth. When you drink water frequently it helps to wash the color food and drinks leave on your teeth. Make sure you regularly sip water while consuming these foods and drinks. 

3- Use food to scrub your teeth

Eating certain foods can be quite helpful in preventing teeth staining. Some foods act as effective teeth scrubbers that make it difficult for teeth stains to stay over teeth. So, use of crunchy foods can be quite helpful for you. Among foods that can help you get healthy teeth back includes carrots etc.

4- Don’t smoke

Smoking is another reason that leaves stains on your teeth. Smoking stains can take longer than what you expect. So, if you don’t want these stans to appear then make sure you don;t smoke. Smoking has other health implications as well that you need to consider for sure. Smoking not only affects your teeth but can have a negative impact on your lungs and heart health as well. 

5- Brush properly

Importance of brushing can’t be denied in any case. Alongside all other benefits it brings, brushing is also important to get rid of teeth stains. Thus, it is said to brush your teeth twice a day i.e., once early in the morning and before heading to bed. 

However, alongside brushing there are many things else that you need to be mindful of. You can also clean your teeth in between.. 

6- Use baking soda

Next in the list of remedies for stained teeth comes the use of baking soda. Baking soda is known for its cleaning properties for so long and is quite effective when it comes to the role towards teeth health. 

You can use baking soda once in a week alongside your toothpaste and clean your teeth with it. Though while using baking soda, be careful that you aren’t using too much of it because excessive use of baking soda can be harmful for your gums health. 

Bottom Line!

Stained teeth are quite a problem and can shatter your pretty smile. You need to protect your teeth from staining coming from poor tooth cleaning practices, lifestyle habits and the consumption of certain foods. You can follow all these practices to protect your teeth from staining. Other than this, you can also go for professional dental cleaning procedures to help you with the problems, 

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