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10 Anti Aging Secret of Australian Celebrities

Anti Aging Secret of Australian Celebrities

It’s not about being young; but it’s about staying young for as long as you live.


Aussie celebrities believe in that and look at what amazing influence they are creating every single day!


Once you decided to do that, your age enters the scenes and gives you a tough frown that shatters your confidence.


While that is a reality, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a way.


Like the entrepreneurs say these days: “Yes, you can actually bend reality.”


You might be able to do that with the help of science. A genuine problem like ageing can still be ALTERED with modern techniques and quality equipment. There are many surgical options nowadays to help you get back your youth if you would like to revisit your elegance  that’s either remembered or forgotten. Enter one of the cosmetic surgery options like the facelift treatment in Melbourne that has the potential to offer you those looks o yours back again on your face. Doubting it? Well, radio host like Jackie-O; actor Nicole Kidman; fashion designer Alex Perry and many more said ‘yes’ to various cosmetic surgery options like the facelift treatment and you know how they look today.


Let is now know about a number of ways the Aussie celebrities use to stay young and cool so that you end up saying ‘crikey’ at least once when you look at them.


Here are few ways your favourite Aussie celebrities keep them young.


  1. Nicole Kidman Preferred Cosmetic Surgery


If you’re talking about Nicole, then you must know that she is still one of the most popular star of not just Australia; but of the whole world.


Her recent work as Aqua’mum’ was fabulous to watch and she did pack in some serious fighting skills while she put on the suit.


But, even in this age (which is just a number…really); she looked fabulous both on and off-screen, isn’t it?


Well, thanks to her use of the Botox injections in the past; she has such glowing skin and enhanced features. Although she doesn’t use Botox now, she looks breathtaking at the red carpets.


  1. Lara Worthington’s Worthy Skincare Routine


Lara believes in simplicity and specific needs. She always advocates going for the most accurate requirements when it comes to anti-aging secrets.


Added to face mask at night that hydrates the skin; Lara also prefers working out moderately to boost the anti-ageing program of the body.


She also prefers selective supplements like Biotin and vitamins.


  1. Rebel Wilson’s Strategic Plans


Rebel is one of them who says ‘yes’ to ditching inabilities and stand out in the way a person is made.


Although she isn’t that aged; but she made her weight loss goals not a personal thing; but an example for many.


Just by hitting the road in a technical manner and simple workouts, had she lost a good amount of bodyweight and made her appearance more aesthetic than how it used to be.


Added to that, Rebel is also on the side of eating healthy and staying emotionally happy, which can also lead to your anti-ageing goals.


  1. Sonia Kruger’s Anti-Ageing Formula


Sonia Kruger is one of the most popular Television figures in the land of the kangaroos.


Although she looks quite young the way she is, she has done cosmetic surgeries quite  close to the facelift treatment as she has invested in microdermabrasions treatment.


It has also been reported that Sonia Kruger had a contribution from cosmetic dentistry as well.


While these measures can certainly make you look younger than you are; you might also need to consult your doctor what kind of treatment does your skin needs in order to make it look healthy and younger.


  1. Alex Perry’s Secrets to a Glowing Skin


The truth is that Alex not just has a glowing skin, but he also looks cool because of the fact that his skin makes him look way younger than one thinks.


In this regard, it must be said that he used Botox injections.


Added to that, he also had a little bit of an anti-wrinkle needle operations.


Reports state  that he has this treatment every four months.


  1. Keri Anne Kennerley’s Steps to Beauty


You have to admit!


Considering her age; this media personality looks way younger than what she is supposed to look like.


She made her face look younger by considering a kind of laser therapy.


As a result, her freckles and dark patches have been eliminated and you know how she looks today!


  1. Kylie Minogue’s Inclination to Cosmetic Surgery


While this famous pop-star is one of the most gorgeous personalities out there among the Aussies (and the world as well);  she has not yet reported using cosmetic surgeries officially.


But, Kylie is a supporter of that.


Various other reports and data have stated that Kylie Minogue has advocated for cosmetic surgery and says she might be having one in the future if required.


  1. Margot Robbie and Rhinoplasty?


A name in the Aussie film industry; in Hollywood and definitely in the DC Universe; Margot Robbie has also been rumoured to have supported cosmetic surgeries.


It is also a fact that Margot Robbie may have advocated for Rhinoplasty in the future.


  1. It’s Not the Voice of Jackie-O…


…but how she looks as well. Jackie-O has been one of the most popular radio hosts in Australia.


But, the way she looks is definitely going to blow your mind.


She has taken care of her forehead wrinkles that make her look young. Done by various medical processes; such as the Facelift Surgery, forehead wrinkles can, in fact, bring in the ‘aged’ look faster  than usual.


Luckily, by using successful cosmetics surgery methods and using Botox; Jackie-O now looks as good as she sounds!


  1. The Timeless Looks of Ellie Mcpherson


Although this Aussie model won’t admit that she has undergone any cosmetic or plastic surgery options to enhance her beauty; reports claim that she did.


Several of the sources stated that she might have used collagen and vitamin injections for the betterment of her skin.


Why You Need Facelift Surgery to Retain Your Looks


Opposed to many views; a facelift surgery in Melbourne might be the simplest operation to reverse your aging.


How does it work?


Well, your doctor would make tiny incisions about your face at the side of your ears and forehead to remove excess tissue from under your facial skin.


These extra tissues give your skin a rougher texture and contribute partially to wrinkles.


Also known as rhytidectomy; it tightens your muscles in order to make your skin be smoother and more flattened, which ultimately give you a ‘wrinkle-free’ and ‘smooth’ look.


It is a perfectly safe process. But, you need a trained surgeon to help you out.


To Conclude


Why wonder more when you already know the solution?


Facelift surgery might be the appropriate cosmetic surgery solution for you.


So, think about it!


And remember; you always have the right to look young.

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